Features and Development Roadmap

We are constantly improving Gnarlist based on your feedback. In addition to small improvements, we regularly implement new features. Here is an indication of the most important features we'll be working on next.

Coming soon

  • Integration of advanced filters Planning
  • Live interface updates Research
  • Apple Music Integration Research

Recent Updates

Version 1.0 Monday, 27.04.2020
What's New
  • Redesign
  • Playlist Dashboard
  • Private Playlists
  • Playlist Customization
  • User Profile
  • Share Playlists
Version 0.2 Thursday, 11.11.2019
What's New
  • Edit playlist settings
  • Multiple selection for specific filters
  • Delete playlist tracks
  • Upload own playlist cover
  • Song preview
Version 0.1 Thursday, 26.09.2019
What's New
  • Create public Spotify playlists
  • Create filters (genre, time period, artist)
  • Set cooldown for adding tracks
  • Add tracks to public playlists
  • Subscribe to public playlists